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Restaurant Inspections

Yamhill County Environmental Health Specialists conduct unannounced inspections of licensed food service establishments twice a year.  Click here to see Restaurant Inspection Reports.

The Environmental Health program also inspects mobile food units, school food service operations, vending machine operations, and temporary food booths. Program staff also investigate possible foodborne illness outbreaks.

There are approximately 210 licensed restaurants in Yamhill County, 28 mobile units, and over 200 temporary food operators (typically for community events). In 2003, three restaurants failed their inspection.
Restaurant scores are based on a maximum of 100 points, with deductions for various types of violations. Violations that are cited on consecutive inspections double in point value. A restaurant must receive a score of 70 to pass the inspection.

Critical violations are worth either 4 or 5 points, but points are deducted only once even if more than one violation is found in a certain category. For instance, a restaurant could have violations for both improper cooking temperatures and improper cooling, but since both are in the temperature category, only 5 points would be deducted.

Critical violations that present an immediate health hazard must be corrected at the time of the inspection. Other critical violations may have a temporary correction put in place, with a permanent correction required within two weeks. Re-inspections are required on repeat critical violations and any temporary corrections.

Critical violation categories are:
00 - Demonstration of Knowledge (no point value)
01 - Approved Sources (5 points)
03 - Food Temperatures (5 points)
04 - Temperature Control Capacity (4 points)
07 - Cross Contamination (4 points)
11 - Employee Health (5 points)
12 - Personal Hygiene (5 points)
20 - Sanitizing Food Contact Surfaces ( 4 points)
27 - Approved Water supply ( 5 points)
28 - Approved Sewage Disposal (4 points)
30 - Backflow Prevention (5 points)
31 - Handwashing Facilities (4 points)
35 - Pest Control ( 4 points)
41 - Chemical Use & Storage (5 points)

Non-critical violations are worth either 0, 1 or 2 points. These violations include items like thermometers, test strips and gauges, cleanable surfaces, utensil storage, food protection, construction and others. To see Oregon Food Safety Rules click here.

Restaurant Inspection Reports